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Eunet early days on Web hosting and other Internet services in the early 90s in United States our initial name was Eunet Internet Services.

That season was crucial for the future development of the company in Europe because they saw the Internet from the first steps of its creation. He saw in practice what it can offer to the world market and how to make maximum use of the possibilities as a means not only to exchange information as was the original purpose of creation but mainly to showcase and disseminate business ideas, products, services, trends.

We dealt with the Internet services and go one step further than conventional solutions offered by other companies in the area.

We studied our customers’ needs and realize you need something more than just viewing them online. In a highly competitive environment, companies worldwide wishing to present their services and products by offering attractive prices with professionalism and seriousness. For this reason they need a strategic plan of the company, study and analyze their business objectives, organized and dynamic marketing campaign. So you have the chance not just to survive in space, but to earn more and more market share in targeted, achieving the desired effect, the increase in profit.

Recognizing the need of businesses to optimize their professional visibility to increase sales and establish themselves in the market, we offer integrated solutions on the web. With the support of our partners who have specialized in designing and manufacturing sites in marketing of on-line, new marketing technology etc. achieve your goals taken for granted.

The range of our services and can meet the requirements of modern businesses who want immediate and successful results.

Eunet offers the following:

– Professional web

– Dedicated and virtual private servers
– Web Development and Web Design
– Database Solutions Ecommerce Solutions and SEO

The key element that distinguishes UKNET from similar companies in the area is to provide specialized solutions and applications that are tailored to the needs and desires of each customer as complex as they are.

Our Company History

We’re one of the Europe’s leading hosting providers, operating in more than 28 countries and in partnership with networks in over 10 more. Across the world, we have thousands of customers Europe. We started in Europe on November 1999 and moved into UK in 2013.

Ours is a story of investment, innovation and award-winning customer service. Take a look at the highlights of our pioneering achievements.